"Introducing the Next-Generation   Dumbbell... Dumbbell2"

"You Wont Need Anything Else"

Imagine having a total body home gym in the palm of your hands. Dumbbell2 is the world's first two handled dumbbell. The patented two handled center weight design of Dumbbell2 allows you to perform an unprecedented variety of workouts. This one piece of equipment can replace many bulky exercise machines and other fitness tools and still offer challenging and effective exercise routines. It offers a balanced, controlled and functional workout with an emphasis on core strengthening achieved in just minutes a day! Not only will this fitness tool change the way you exercise, it will change the way you look and feel now and for years to come. Dumbbell2 will strengthen your life!

Innovative Dumbbell2 Fitness System

Free weights allow users to perform weight training exercises without being constrained to fixed movements. These weights, such as dumbbells, are designed to be held in your hands, and can be used for a variety of different exercises. As versatile as dumbbells are, they can be cumbersome to some, and straining to use repeatedly.

The Dumbbell2 by RConcepts, Inc. seeks to rectify the control and safety issues of ordinary dumbbells without sacrificing their efficiency as free weights. Designed to be held in two hands, the Dumbbell2 offers numerous weight training possibilities without fear of discomfort for the user. Why settle for regular weights that are too unwieldy when you can use our innovative dumbbells?

Advantages of the Dumbbell2

The Dumbbell2 appears much like any free weight, only that it has two handles on the sides of the weight. This allows users to use both their hands comfortably when lifting the weight. By allowing the use of two hands, users no longer have to worry about lifting bulky weights in each hand. They can enjoy more control and balance handling the weights while they perform their exercises. Its ease of use is perfect for users of all ages and all levels of expertise.

There is more to the Dumbbell2 than just allowing for a more comfortable training experience; it can also be used much like popular total fitness equipment. Its patented two-handled design allows users to engage in high-speed repetition exercises. This Rapid Repetition Technology™ enables users to experience a total body workout in just a few minutes of use. The Dumbbell2’s center weight design provides various possibilities for different workout exercises.

If you are looking for effective strength training equipment, then look no further than the Dumbbell2. The free weight system allows users to work more of their muscles while carrying less weight than traditional dumbbells. The two handles ensure that users equally work both sides of their body for a balanced exercise. With less muscle imbalances, users are less prone to injuries such as back pains as they constantly use the free weight system.

Best of all, the Dumbbell2 system is a lot more compact than most home fitness equipment. Each weight is about the size of a regular dumbbell and can be easily stored after use. Why purchase a bulky barbell set that would take up too much space in your home when you can receive the same two-handed free weight training experience with the Dumbbell2?

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"Dumbbell2 is one of the best products on the market today for physical fitness--nothing can beat it. I have spent thousands of dollars on other exercise equipment and never gotten the result that I get with Dumbbell2!"........D. Roberts  Port Authur, Tx

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