Exercise More Efficiently with DB2

Master Trainer Blake Wells

Master Trainer Blake Wells


“The DB2 is extremely versatile, providing both a cardiovascular and strength training workout,” said Blake Wells, a master personal trainer based in Jacksonville, Florida. “The unique center weight design allows you to use both hands and transition easily from one exercise to the next—while maintaining a high intensity workout. Using the DB2, you can correct muscular imbalances, enhance mobility and increase fat loss. I’m currently using it with many of my clients, and we’re seeing incredible results!

With the help of Blake Wells, master personal trainer based in Jacksonville, Florida, we’ve compiled a wide range of exercise options.

DB2 Workout Videos

DB2 15 Minute Workout Click here to watch. This quick, 15 minutes exercise video will give you an idea of some of the exercises you can use with the DB2. This video will introduce you to some basic DB2 moves and the DB2 Rapid Row Technology, which improves strength and cardio while burning fat.
 DB2 High Intensity Workout Tutorial  Click here to watch. If high intensity interval training is more your speed, this video is for you. It combines traditional exercises, core, functional movements and plyometrics – all in one fantastic workout.

Build-Your-Own-Workout (BYOW)

Sick of the same old workouts? Build your own workout using DB2. Select from the exercises below. We recommend choosing 3 to 8 exercises that you can put together for a customized workout.

DB2 Exercises

Popular High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) Programs

Working out with Dumbbell2 is ideal for H.I.I.T or boot camp style workouts.  The Dumbbell2 is balanced and designed for two-handed movements allowing you to:

Here are just three popular workout approaches that have apps for your phone, which also yield themselves well to the Dumbbell2:

Benefits of Tabata, Deck of Cards, and AMRAP workout programs: