2 Handles are Better than One


DB2 – The Next Generation Dumbbell

DB2 is the first major advancement of the dumbbell since its inception centuries ago.

DB2 is a dumbbell variant designed with a centered fixed weight with handles on opposite sides.

The two handled center weight design allows for the use of 2 hands providing increased control and stability when performing high speed, high intensity repetitions.

Studies using electromyography comparing DB2 to conventional dumbbells show 35-50% increased muscle recruitment with 50% less weight. This means that a muscle has to work harder with DB2 using half as much weight.

DB2’s patented centerweight design allows for a wide range of new and highly effective workouts. This patented design is the key to unlocking the door to a new dimension in muscular development and fitness training.
There are several different ways to grip DB2. It can be used with one hand or two to either isolate a group of muscles or to workout the entire body all at once.

DB2 is currently available on Amazon.com in a Baked Metal or Neoprene finish and ranges in sizes (weights) of 4 lbs. through 50lbs.

Less Time. Less Weight. More Muscle.

DB2 decreases the amount of time for training due its unique patented design. Muscles are engaged and challenged more effectively, fatiguing faster, and having a longer lasting effect.

DB2 was designed to manipulate muscles into “thinking” the weight of the DB2 is heavier than it actually is. The muscles in turn work harder to handle the perceived weight. The increased engagement of muscles in addition to the recruitment of additional muscles equate to getting double the output of traditional means of working out while using the same amount of effort.


Why DB2? What makes DB2 different from any other weight on the market today?
Everything… Check out the following training techniques

Center Weight Training

Center Weight Training happens anytime you train with DB2 using a 2 handed grip. The core is engaged regardless of the exercise being performed. The centered weight allows for an increased range of motion and for the abilty to train using various non-traditional movements that can’t be done with a barbell or most other 2 handed weight training devices. Training this way is great for developing stabilizer muscles in addition to the muscles that aid with leveraging. Any 2 handed movement can easily be duplicated whether it’s a kettlebell, barbell, medicine ball … Center Weight Training with DB2 is especially effective for weighted ab exercises.weighted ab exercises.

Counter Weight Training

Counter Weight Training happens anytime you train with DB2 using any single hand grip. With a 1 hand grip, DB2 is off balanced. When training this waymuscles exert more force and additional muscles are recruited in order to overcome gravity and the stabilize the weight. You instantly feel muscles kick in that you haven’t really noticed before. Counter Weight Training is really effective in isolation. There is no other free weight on the market that allows this type of training.


One of the most exciting features about DB2 is something you won’t find anywhere else. The patented design allows you to change the way you hold (grip) DB2. Each time you change the way you grip DB2, you change the group of muscles you work out. The above are examples of the different types of gripping techiques.









Combination Training

Train using a combination of multiple exercises, back to back, one after another, without stopping, changing weight, or changing hand positions. This way you work several muscle groups in a single routine, getting a complete body workout in minutes. When training this way , the faster you go, the more cardiovascular activity you generate . 5 – 10 minutes at a brisk pace feels like working out for at least 1 hour in a fitness center. Not having time to work out is no longer a valid excuse.


Perform exercises in a faster, controllable manner that allows more cardiovascular activity while increasing strength and endurance. The 2 handles of DB2 provide increased control and stability. Think of it as a treadmill for your entire body. As you train this way muscles take longer and longer to fatigue. Also when performing normal everyday task you will feel the muscles that are being used “get a pump” as if you were working out. The feeling is unreal.