4 Tips for Weight Training Beginners

4 Tips for Weight Training Beginners

You’ve overcome your angst about stepping foot into your gym’s weight room and you’re finally lifting. That’s great news, considering hundreds of research studies show weight lifting has benefits that range from weight loss and disease prevention to improved heart health, blood sugar control, balance, and more. Yet even if you know the upsides to this form of exercise, it can be a challenge to stick to your new weight-training regimen. These tips are designed to help you avoid the most common pitfalls and make the most of your new routine.DON’T MAKE ANY DECISIONS ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT TO STICK WITH IT IN THOSE FIRST FEW WEEKS.
Biceps curl with dumbell
It’s important for those who are new to weight-lifting and dealing with the fatigue, soreness, and doubt that often come with this new workout to remember that it’ll start to feel easier over time, says Meghan Kennihan, a personal trainer and running coach in Chicago. “Most of my clients find that with each training session, they’re able to increase their mind-body connection, which ultimately leads to more stability and coordination,” says Kennihan. “The lifts will eventually feel more natural, and you’ll also start to feel more confident in your form.” If after a few sessions you’re still feeling intimidated, consider hiring a personal trainer, she suggests, who can help you master the fundamentals so you can more easily train on your own.
Sore muscles

Many beginners often measure the effectiveness of their workouts by how sore they are. But soreness is an indicator of muscle damage, which is just one of the mechanisms—and probably the least important one—of trying to build muscle, says Kennihan. “Some soreness is good, but if it’s excessive, it can actually prevent you from getting in a quality workout later in the week,” she says. “Building a strong body over time should be the long-term goal, not making yourself so sore that you can barely walk the next day.”

Rainbow carrots

No matter how much progress you’re making in the weight room, you’ll sabotage your efforts if you aren’t following a healthy eating plan. (Get started with Eat Clean to Get Lean, our 21-day clean eating plan.) “The person who consumes a whole-foods diet and stays active will have a better body than the person who trains all day but eats processed and junk foods,” says Kennihan. When you’re lifting weights, you’ll want to be sure you are consuming enough protein (which helps build muscle), as well as healthy fats and carbohydrates (which keep you energized, satiated, and also help you recover from your workouts). “Good nutrition and training are essential for your health and strength,” she says.

Barbell deadlift

When you’re starting a weight-lifting program, it can be tough to remember proper technique—and tempting to fly through your workout without focusing on your form. However, this is a surefire way to get injured, says Julian Hayes, author of Body Architect. “The best way to ensure your long-term safety is to learn proper technique for all of the exercises you’re doing, which means you should start with basic moves and stick to them for a while,” says Hayes. After all, basic exercises will help you establish a solid foundation upon which the more advanced moves are built. (Here are 8 effective exercises for weight loss and how to do them properly.) And whatever you do, remember the phrase “quality trumps quantity,” adds Hayes. “It may be tempting to think that the more exercises you do per session, the better your results will be, but that isn’t the case,” he says.

Full Prevention article: http://www.prevention.com/fitness/weight-lifting-rules-for-beginners/slide/4

Burn More Calories with These 3 Easy Changes

Burn More Calories with These 3 Easy Changes

Hello Sunshine

Moving workouts to early mornings may mean cursing your alarm clock, but here’s the big payoff: morning exercisers burn more calories. And now that the sun rises earlier, it’ll be easier to pull yourself out of bed than it was in the Winter. Research shows that people who exercise in the a.m. work harder and for longer periods of time, which may be because they’re more alert and energetic and they don’t feel as rushed as afternoon or evening exercisers. Getting into a morning routine will also help you stick with it, which will help even more with your weight-loss journey.

Get Speedy

When it comes to cardio, running will help you lose more weight than walking since it burns more calories, but if you increase your speed just a little, then you’ll burn even more. And don’t stick to a consistent pace the entire workout. Adding sprinting intervals is an effective way to increase your calorie burn and has also been proven to reduce belly fat. Also be sure to swing those arms as you move, and you’ll burn 15 percent more calories.

Strength Train During Normal Routines

Muscle burns more calories than fat does, so the more muscle mass you have, the better it is for weight loss. Don’t just hit the weight room at the gym. Include strength-training moves throughout your day, such as push-ups on the bathroom counter. You can also work your body by carrying a basket instead of pushing a cart, using the stairs whenever possible, and sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair. 

For some full body strength training videos, click here: https://www.dumbbell2.com/db2-videos/

The Advantages of Working Out at Home

The Advantages of Working Out at Home

Advantages Of Working Out At Home 

  • Your Own Personal Sanctuary. There is nothing like having your own gym, where there’s no lines, no socialization, and nothing to hide. This is your domain. You can play your own music, curse as loud as you want, and even cry if needed so. If you have portable equipment,  you can workout inside, outside, anywhere you like!
  • No Membership Fees. Your home gym is your home gym, there’s no monthly membership fee. 
  • Less Confusion. Sometimes there are so many options and machines at the gym, you are overwhelmed. When you workout at home, your gym is comprised of the equipment you like to work out on. It could be an elliptical, treadmill, free weights, or videos. It is all up to you! 
  • Gym Hours Are 24/7/365.  You can work out anytime you want, at your convenience. Gym closings for holidays and renovations can be inconvenient and can throw you off schedule. Being able to workout whenever you want opens up your schedule, and this is especially helpful to those with busy lives.
  • Equipment does not need to be expensive.  Something as simple as a jump rope, workout videos or a few dumbbells such as DB2’s (www.db2fitness.com) can be an inexpensive way to stay in shape. Many of the people that join the gym rarely go so that is wasted money. Think of what you do do with the money you spend monthly on a gym! Working out at home has many advantages. Give it a try before spending the big bucks at a gym!
The Correct Way To Do a Basic Squat, Plank, or Bicep Curl

The Correct Way To Do a Basic Squat, Plank, or Bicep Curl

These three moves are extremely important and easy to do anywhere, but correct form is important to get the most out of your effort and to avoid injury. 
The Squat

The basic squat should be a normal part of your routine, since squats tone and strengthen your lower body: calves, quads, glutes, and hamstrings. Improper form while doing squats can lead to knee pain or other discomfort; learn how to do a squat correctly below. To add more impact, add some weight such as the DB2. 

  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. Hold your hands at chest level for balance.
  • Bend at your knees and hips, sticking your butt out like you’re sitting into an imaginary chair. Keep your chest lifted and your spine in neutral. Do not let your lower back round as you squat.
  • Lower down so your thighs are as parallel to the floor as possible, keeping your knees over your ankles.
  • Keep your core engaged as you press your heels into the floor to return to standing.
  • Do two to three sets of 15 squats.
The Plank

The plank makes you sweat for a reason: it’s a great all-over body workout that focuses on building a strong core. Common mistakes people make when in a plank position are rounding their spine or sinking in the pelvis, both of which make this move dangerous to your lower back if you aren’t careful about your alignment. Here’s how to do a plank.

  • Start resting on all fours.
  • With your palms flat, raise up off your knees onto your toes. Keep your hands directly below your shoulders.
  • Contract your abs to keep yourself up and prevent your bottom from sticking up. Remember to keep your belly button pulled in.
  • With your head and spine in line, keep your back flat — don’t let it curve. Picture your body as a long, straight board.
  • Hold as long as you can. Aim for 20 to 30 seconds in the beginning and work your way up to one minute as you get stronger.
  • Lower down to rest, then repeat three times.
The Bicep Curl

The bicep curl is one of the most basic strength-training moves to master. Make sure you start with weights that allow you to keep proper form throughout your set; if you find yourself swaying back and forth while you’re making a curl, try a lighter weight or stand in front of a wall, keeping your back straight while you do the exercise. Here’s how to do a bicep curl.

  • Start by holding a dumbbell in each hand at the sides of the body.
  • Keeping your elbows close to your side, slowly raise the dumbbells to the chest.
  • Moving with control, lower back to the starting position.
  • This counts as one rep.
DB2/Centerweight Industries Owner Diva Nagula Interviewed by VoyageATL

DB2/Centerweight Industries Owner Diva Nagula Interviewed by VoyageATL

Today we’d like to introduce you to Diva Nagula.

Diva, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My partner and I started this company based on his creative idea. He put together two weights and a pole in between and worked out with it. He noticed different results in his physique and became curious. He then invented DB2! After hearing his story and how he only required 5-10 minutes of working out daily, I became heavily involved. I was amazed at how versatile this product was. It not only provided a strength training workout but it also gave a cardiovascular workout at as well. It’s the only product in the market that does these things and is so portable. It was a winner in my book!

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
It certainly has not been a smooth road. There have been so many bumps. Much of the bumps comprise of financial struggles and partner disagreements. Also, marketing this product has been a challenge. To really understand how versatile and how ingenious this product is required a lot of explanation. Since it is unique and in a niche market, it will take a while to gain appeal. I am confident it will be a winner.

So, let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Center Weight Industries story. Tell us more about the business.
I am the CEO of Center Weight Industries. Our company manufactures and sells DB2. I am a physician by trade, but this product lured me out of medicine and into the fitness industry. I am most proud of how we have come so far and are still standing. After much adversity and face improbable odds, we are still here! We are different in that we sell and manufacture our product. We do everything in house.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
In my life, I have had some bad luck. I’ve had some serious health issues complicated by a divorce. Business wise, I’ve had some good fortunes in my past life as a physician. I’m hoping that all the persona woes and business woes are behind me and that good fortune is just around the corner.

Contact Info:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/db2fitne

Top Excuses for Not Working Out and Why They Don’t Hold Water

Top Excuses for Not Working Out and Why They Don’t Hold Water


Yes, we are all busy, some more than others. I know someone who runs her own business, volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters plus has 3 kids under the age of 13, yet she works out 5 days a week. Why? Because it is a priority. Do you make time for your favorite show or happy hour a few times a week? Then those are a priority to you.  So make time for exercise. Schedule it on your calendar and keep your exercise date like you would any other meeting. Once you get into the routine and see the benefits, you will love it!

I’m Too Fat or Too Old

Age or weight is rarely a valid excuse for not exercising. Just remember to start out slow and gradual, and check with your doctor prior to any new exercise routine. Walking, swimming, biking, are all exercises that can be done with minimal pounding on the joints and can be increased as you get more fit. Just remember exercising is not an excuse to eat more. 80% of what you look like is a result of what you eat. So if you continue to eat bad, you will not lose weight or get in better shape. Plan on eating healthier for an all around fitness plan.

I Have Arthritis or Back Pain

Regular activity is good for both arthritis and back pain. Being sedentary is not. Strength training, stretching and aerobic activity can really help arthritis by building up muscles and taking the strain off joints. Stretching, abdominal exercises and some other exercises can help back pain by building up the muscles around the spine.Talk to your doctor about what your limits are and for suggestions as to the best exercises for you.

I Don’t Like Going to the Gym

Many people do not like going to the gym because they feel they don’t measure up to all the gym regulars.  That is perfectly fine, there are many ways to work out at home or on the road!  You can walk, bike,  get in-home equipment or watch workout videos, The possibilities are endless! That is why we designed and patented the DB2. Imagine having a total body home gym in the palm of your hands. You can use it anywhere. DB2 is the world’s first two handled dumbbell. The patented two handled center weight design of DB2 allows one to perform an unprecedented variety of workouts. Check it out at www.db2fitness.com.

My Story

On February 12, 2014, my life changed forever. I was given the diagnosis of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. As a medical doctor, you’d think I would know more about this, but I didn’t. It was a pivotal moment in my life. As I rummaged through old text books, journal articles, and online forums, I discovered that this disease wasn’t inherited. In fact, it had nothing to do with my genes. It had everything to do with my lifestyle. I led a lifestyle full of stress, lack of exercise, poor eating, and poor sleep habits. If you think about it, I was destined for this diagnosis or any other illness; diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol.  I couldn’t remember the last time I ate something green or that wasn’t processed. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a consistent workout regimen. I couldn’t even remember when I had 8 hours of sleep.

I knew I had to change, but was it too late? Unfortunately, it was stage IV cancer, but the doctors said I had some time before I needed to undergo treatment. So, I transformed my lifestyle. I started to eat healthier, improve my sleep habits, but most importantly exercise.

I got my DB2 and I worked out with it regularly. It was my new best friend. I came up with different routines, incorporated it into a strength and cardio program. By no means was I obese. I was more skinny-fat. After 6 weeks, with my new lifestyle changes, I had lost a lot of weight, felt much better. My sleep had normalized automatically. I was able to cope with things easier because I felt better. If I ate anything processed, I felt awful. It almost felt like I was ingesting poison.

Unfortunately, my cancer grew and I had to undergo chemotherapy. Fortunately, my body was in such good shape, I was able to tolerate it with minimal complications. In 5 months, I was in remission. I restarted my exercise program with DB2 and 2 years later, I am still in remission! I owe it all to my exercise program,  dietary habits, and of course my little DB2!

It is my mission, my goal, to educate people about the importance of proper eating and routine exercise. If this disease can plague an otherwise healthy 40 year old like myself, it can definitely affect you. DB2 is unique in that you can get a strength and cardio training in as little as 10 minutes a day. How can anyone not spare 10 minutes a day to invest in themselves? Even when I was burdened by chemo, I still tried my best to get in that 10 minutes as regularly as possible and I am so proud of myself that I did!
Please join me on my quest for better health, better fitness, and better living!
Diva Nagula

Dumbbell2 – Full Body Training – Health Review

Cardio exercises, like jogging and cycling, are fantastic workouts. Unfortunately, they only target certain muscles and parts of the body. It’s important to do full body workouts that can strengthen your muscles while improving your endurance and flexibility.

One unique product we saw for full body training is the Dumbbell 2. Now the traditional dumbbell consists of end-loaded weights on both sides of a handle. On the flip side, Dumbbell 2 has a patented center weight with one handle on each side for isolation and efficiency. The ergonomic design of the weight creates a more effective workout because it allows for rapid repetitions and isolation, causing faster and more effective results. The weight also forces you to bring your elbows in, which encourages proper form. And because of the dumbbell 2’s design, exercisers experience increased muscle engagement, which will equate to 35 to 55 percent more muscle recruitment.

The Dumbbell 2 can be used by novice and elite athletes, and will essentially replace an entire gym worth of equipment. Now there are 11 different sizes of the Dumbbell 2, ranging from 4 to 50 lbs and it comes in 7 different colors.

If you’d like to learn more, head to dumbbell2.com today.

Dumbbell2 — the next generation dumbbell is in town

Dumbbell2 features an innovative design that provides the user with a more effective and versatile workout.
A new fitness product looking to revolutionize weight-training is set for international launch next month.

Called Dumbbell2, the product is advertised as the ‘next generation dumbbell’ and features an innovative design that provides the user with a more effective and versatile workout. Natural movement is the idea behind the two-handed model, which is lighter than the traditional dumbbell and offers a quick, 71GVSwrpE0L._SL1500_‘full body strength and aerobic training session’ in a mere 15 to 20 minutes. The product may be combined with ‘functional’ exercises that utilize rapid movements while forcing the body to work muscles on both sides equally.

‘The traditional dumbbell has been around for many years and definitely works. But just because it works, that doesn’t mean it’s the most effective design,’ said Dr. Diva Nagula, a physician and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Dumbbell2.com. ‘For example, think of a roller skate versus an inline skate. Although the roller skate worked, the inline skate came along with a streamlined design of four wheels in the center, which allowed it to work better. That’s what we’ve done with the DB2 — reinvented the design of the traditional dumbbell to make it work better for the human body.’ Read to find out if dumbbells are better than machines.

Users can change hand positions to intensify their workout.

Dumbbell2 was created by RConcepts, Inc. After making the rounds at US trade shows since January, it will launch internationally on April 3 at FIBO, Europe’s key health, fitness, and wellness trade event, held in Cologne.717pAuFDs-L._SL1500_

Other examples of innovative dumbbell products include the infamous Shake Weight, a modified, oscillating dumbbell, and Stamina Versa-Bell, an option that works as ‘nine dumbbells in one,’ as it adjusts from a 5-pound to a 25-pound dumbbell. Read more about the dumbbell cutlery set using which you can work out your muscles while eating.

Dumbbell2 Next Generation Dumbbell

Meet Dumbbell2: a hybrid dumbbell that lets you try over 200 exercises, including kettlebell, barbell, and regular dumbbell workouts. It engages more muscles in your body, allowing you to work on building strength and endurance. It has a center-weight two handle design and can be used for push-ups and other classic moves.

Dumbbell2 has 3 hand positions for 2-handed use (dual underhand, overhand, and vertical grip). It is ideal for cardio and strength building workout routines. What do you think? Worth a shot?